Expression of the soul

Art is the expression of the soul.

My Art history professor said in our orientation class, “This Art History class will change your life.” And she was right. I was rather nervous about this class because in my mind I thought there was no way I would be interested in all this but as I listened to the lectures and studied I found myself captivated over and again. She said it would change how I view the world and it does.

Art is the expression of the soul.

A friend of mine who is an art teacher said this to me once.

“The point of all art is creation. It is a creation of the artist.

If the creation can express something to those that look at it, then it becomes good art to those who are looking at it. That is the perception of the people who consider it good.

Now if the artist can create the expression of what they want the people to precieve then the artist considers it good art.

However, if the creation, by all who percieve it, becomes an expression that they can relate to and be moved by, then that art is a masterpiece.”

That is what I want to do.

I want to create art that moves people, something they can relate to in their own world.
I want to do this in such a way that offers reflection, hope, promise and expression.

You will find a lot in the blog as I build it up.

Some categories to look out for are listed below.

Works in Progress
Updates on Shows and Events I am involved in.
Iconography and Art-What are some of the meanings behind my pieces
Art and poetry combined
About my favorite artists and art of others.
and much more.

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This is a journey I am on and I am inviting you to come along for the ride.

It will be enlightening.

One thought on “Expression of the soul”

  1. Beautifully written…Isn’t how amazing how we look at our education now, and when we were younger our perception of life was in front of us but I guess we just couldn’t grab it..

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