About Me

Welcome to my Art blog.

Here  you will find ME.

That’s right. This is about my journey. I have loved art since a very young age. I recently started exploring art in a different way than I ever imagined I would and it has enlightened me. I hope you will see that the art I do is a lot like life, there is happiness, joy, saddness, ups and downs but that is life right?

I specialize in photography with a focus on themed, black and white and fine art photography, drawings in pencil, charcoal and ink, acrylic and watercolor paintings.

You will find a wide range of subject matters within my art from figurative work to abstract, from flowers and nature to cityscape, seascape, skyscape and landscape photography.

I also create art that tells a story, has a central theme and focuses on social issues and all that encompasses. It is how I view the world around me.

I will be sharing with you what art means to me, current projects I am working on as well as how I see my world around me.

Maybe you will see things differently at the very least I hope this walk with me will inspire, encourage and move you.

Isn’t that what art is about?

Published Works: artistid-30092-9490-Medium-ValentinePicturethumbnail

Published in the February Issue if Eye on Photography Magazine by CT Publishing. Magazine in print and digital version are available here

Best of Photography2011_Solitude ThumbnailPublished in The Best of Photography 2011hardcover book. Finalist Finalists of our 31st Annual Spring Photography Contest by Photographer’s Forum Magazine. You can view it here

1-crimson-sky-brigitte-cadenaPublished in the The Best of College Photography 2011 Hardcover book.  A Finalist of  Photographer’s Forum’s 31st Annual College Photography by Photographer’s Forum Magazine. You can see it here

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. You are so inspirational! Thank you for uplifting me and reminding me to keep swimming and working on what I want. Which is to also make it as the artist I am. I feel like this is the year and I just have to work at it one step at a time and believe I will get there. Your awesome sauce:)

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All life is ART if you look close enough

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