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Art is Life

Art is a songHave you ever been so moved by the words of a song that you had to play it over again because it spoke to you?  That is art.

Have you ever read a poem that put into words all you wanted to ever say but did not know how? That is art.

Have  you ever looked at a painting or a photograph and could see a story  or a message within that image?
If someone came behind you and they saw a different story relating to their own life? That is art.

Art to me comes from deep within. It’s highly personal and it is also very subjective. What it means to me may not mean the same to you but that is the beauty of art.

I have had a lot going on in my life lately and most of it is great and then there were some bumps in the road but nonetheless, I have been creating art and that brings me much joy.

I had two pieces hanging at the Art Center in June. I am preparing myself to enter a couple of other shows and that takes much planning.

I am also hoping to be selling my artwork at this upcoming Artwalk so we will see.

Oh and I just recently launched my very own website!


This is a place to check out my original artwork available for sale and there are pages devoted to how you can commission me for a piece of art and also how to schedule a photo shoot for you or your loved ones.

More to come.

Sell Art Online

This piece will be hanging in the Member’s Gallery at the Art Center here in Corpus Christi,  from now until early September.
Stop by so you can check it out!

All Life is ART if you look close enough…

Brigitte Cadena

Gallery Spotlight: Architecture and Structures as Art

Years ago I lived in Chicago. It was a great time in my life because I loved the culture and diversity. I also loved the architecture there as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of images from that time in my life but that love for the lines and geometric shapes that images of architecture can offer has always stayed with me.

Here are some artistic photography images of architecture and structures that I happen to love here in Corpus Christi,  Texas where I now reside.

Corpus Christi is known more for the beach and marina but I am happy to say I have found some buildings and structures that I could utilize to photograph images I think are beautiful.

Photography Prints

Reflection of a building in Corpus Christi, Texas

Sell Art Online

Other Side Of The Harbor Bridge In Corpus Christi Texas

Sell Art Online

Top Of Corpus Christi Cathedral In Black And White

Sell Art Online

High In The Sky Corpus Christi Cathedral

Sell Art Online

Harbor Bridge In The Coastal Bend In Black And White

(All images can be viewed on a larger scale by clicking on said images, prints are also available in canvas print, metal print and more.)

I hope you like them

Brigitte Cadena
All Life is ART if you look close enough

If you can’t fly, then run!

Martin Luther King

The Ladder of Life


What can you do?

Struggle is a funny thing. You are trying to climb up this ladder because there is something up there at the top you want. But the ladder you are climbing up is unsteady and worn . At any moment you feel like a rung will just snap and throw you to the ground.

How do you keep on going up?

One step at a time. Yes there are chances and risks involved. It would be so much easier if you had a ladder that was brand new and sturdy, but that is not your case. You can tape up the parts of the ladder that are weak but that is a temporary fix and still may not solve your problem.

You could be tired from the climb especially if you have been climbing up this ladder for a long time.

Disappointment and discouragement are the weak parts of your ladder that try to keep you on an uneven keel but if you look at the ladder with really open eyes, you could probably find other parts to it that are still strong and hold onto to those parts that are strong until you get to the top.

Drive and determination are the strong parts of the ladder and the strong parts that are inside you. If you are afraid of heights, the last thing you should do is look down. Especially if you are closer to the top because if you do look down, you could lose ground and slip. The thing you fear most, is the long fall.

But if you just keep looking up and stay focused on what you wanted up there at the top. Stay really focused and climb up this ladder just one rung at a time, you will see yourself getting closer and closer to the top.

Each time you reach out for a higher rung you have to let go of the the one below or you won’t get anywhere.

Every time you see yourself “one step up”, you can feed on that accomplishment to give you the energy and enthusiasm to keep on. Before you know it, you will be exactly where you want to be at the top because of the effort and hard work you put in first.

Art Prints

Thank  you Martin Luther King for your words of wisdom and inspiration.

Until next time.

Brigitte Cadena

All Life is ART if you look close enough

Like a perfect cup of Joe, it takes time to brew

Yes, I will admit this proudly. I love coffee. All flavors and it’s the perfect beverage well for me just about any time of the day or night.

For the coffee lovers out there, you know what I mean. The tantalizing aroma of a pot brewing is something that has me looking forward to hearing that beeping sound of my coffee pot telling me that it is ready and just right.

Sometimes creating art for me is a lot like brewing a pot of coffee. That is what I call my process of the middle stages of a piece of art I am working on.

I have the idea or inspiration in mind. I gather my materials and I get started. Somewhere in this process I need to stop for a bit. It could last an hour or a day or more. It really all depends on the piece.

I must take a step back, not really because I am stuck but I need to brew this concept for a bit longer before I can finish it.

So I go and do something else, I tackle on another task, we artists never run out of things “to do”. 

I take a drive, a nap, read or just something that is not the major focus on the art.

I think about a lot of things however, that is inevitable.

I think about past experiences, other people’s experiences that I know about, life in general, what is happening in the world.

And just like that beeping sound of my coffee pot telling me my coffee is ready, I hear that in my head and I know I am ready to complete this piece.

When I go back to the art piece I am working on, it flows smoothly and I really don’t stop until I am finished. I don’t stop until I am satisfied and know this is what it was meant to be.

Here are some examples of when there was some “brewing time” needed before I felt it was complete.


Sell Art Online

Monday Morning Rush (Click on image to see in greater detail)

Art Prints

All is Fair… (Click on image to see in greater detail)

Art Prints

Shattered Silence (Click on image to see in greater detail)

Sell Art Online

Love (Click on image to see in greater detail)

Ok, now I am off to drink me a Cup o’Joe!

Photography Prints

Okay, maybe it’s going to be more than just one. Happy Sunday!


Art Prints

“And then when the world never finds you, remember you are the one who was hiding in the first place.” Brigitte Cadena

Hide my face..
Put up the blinds
I won’t let you see
who I am
I refuse to let myself shine
Because I am afraid.

Afraid that if I let you in
to see me with blinds open wide
You will turn and walk away
That is why Why I hide

I will paint on my smile
and hide away my pain
And never risk the sunlight
to blind me again into believing
that it is okay to let myself shine

Would you look at me
and see that I am more or less
than what I claim to be?
Would you take my heart
and love me until I am free?
or hate me for all that you see?

Masquerade, Masquerade
I am almost late for the ball
When midnight strikes
I have to leave before I surely fall
I wish
I wish
I could show you all that I truly am
and I wish you would open your eyes
and just understand

That I put on this mask
and dance around when I am dying inside
But can’t make a sound
Because If I did
then you would see
just how much I wish
I so wish, I could be free.

Copywright 2007

Why do people wear a mask or hide who they are? Whoever you are, you are unique and perfectly you.
When will you decide to rip that mask off and throw caution to the wind.

You never know, you might find out that there was no reason to hide in the first place.

Here’s to letting your light shine brightly for all the world to see and love.

On the road to self

Photography Prints

(click on image to view/order)

I started this journey many years ago. I started appreciating art and photography and writing. I was a fan of many artists, writers and photographers. Like a baby, unable to support myself to even stand, I fed myself everything I could get my hands on. I remember years ago, I lived in Chicago and had a place in East Pilsen, an older neighborhood that was on the road to revitalization. Many artists took up residence in this run down area and spruced it up with their creativity. I will never forget how ecstatic I was to live among artists. Each year they would have an Art walk. They would welcome passerby’s into their lofts and it was…awesome!

I have always enjoyed writing and photography. But in my mind’s eye, I was a hobbyist. Like a young child crawling from here to there, exploring everything within my sight with pure joy and amazement at all the beauty around me. My heart grew and my legs got stronger enough to lift myself up from crawling to a sort of clumsy walk, stumbling into new experiences, some good, some not so much but it was my learning curve. That path that would ultimately lead me to where I am right now.

Many years later, I walked. I walked through my writing, I walked through my photography and now my drawings and paintings.

I have learned so much in this journey, yet I know I still have so much more to learn. And here I am and with nervous excitement and creative energy just bursting at the seams I am running. Strong, determined and confident.

There is one thing I know for certain with all the passion brewing inside of me.

I know that I am on the right path.

Let go and Set Free

Art Prints

There is a certain freedom you feel when you finally stretch open your arms and let go.

It could be a relationship that you know is not letting you be the best you can be.

It could be a past hurt or wound that simply refuses to heal.

It could be a concern over your future and that nagging little voice telling you that the path you are on is going to go nowhere real fast.

Whatever it is. Let it go.

Let it go to free up your mind and your heart to possibilities that are there for you but

somehow hidden behind all your efforts in holding on.

Set free your worries about tomorrow and what it may be like. It seems that it is always much worse in our minds

than what actually will happen.

When you let go, you free yourself to feeling happy again, to dreaming again and there is room to grow in your head and your heart.

When you truly let you, you free more than just that one thing that you have been holding onto so tight,

you free yourself.