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Gallery Spotlight: Can you read Between the Lines?

This is a new Gallery I put up on my site, bricadena.com

Just go to my site and you should see an icon and title of gallery, “Line Art” Or if you want to go straight to this gallery just click on this link , Line Artwork by Brigitte Cadena

I learned this technique in a design class a few years ago. It’s simply lines.

It serves as a wonderful practice exercise and also  is very calming for me to do this type of art.

It’s been a favorite way to draw or doodle while I am watching television. It is also very therapeutic for me when I have a lot going on in my personal life and it helps me think more clearly.

When I start on a drawing like this, I start with a pencil. I make the initial lines as the skeleton of the piece. As I am adding the other lines between the spaces, more often than not, an image appears before me. I am usually not sure what will come out of it but something always does. I have experimented and planned on certain images I wanted to show up but the best pieces to me are the ones where I see the image later on.

I like to draw like this as a way of stretching my creative muscles.

An art teacher once said that usually images are not supposed to be apparent but somehow they most always do.

Can you read between the lines of this art piece?

What does it say to you?

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