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To the Right-That is the way to go

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This is a new watercolor art piece I painted recently. It is a compilation of a lot of lines that look like  the letter L. It is also a symbol of righteousness. I created this painting with this in mind.

In life there is always a choice or a path to follow. Depending on your views in life there is a right way and a wrong way for each of us. I believe myself to be a person of integrity. I follow a straight path and I do my best to do the right thing in all my affairs. Integrity and character are very important values to me and I prefer to live a life that reflects that.

Sometimes you have to make a decision about something in your life and as difficult as that is, I choose to move toward the right. That is what this artwork means to me.

What do you see when you look at this piece of art?

This image of this original art piece is available for purchase at brigittecadena.com

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All Life is Art if you look close enough-Brigitte Cadena


Back to the drawing board

Life is funny sometimes. Just when you think you have it all figured out, something happens to throw you in a spin and leaves you dizzy, confused of your surroundings and has you wondering, “What just happened?”

I have been thinking and thinking about art and my part in it trying to figure out what is the best use of my time.

What can I do to get my art seen by others and how best to promote my art. At the same time, I am working hard to keep my creative juices flowing as I delve into new projects and mediums.

I have to tell you, it has been a challenge.

I think many artists struggle with this at one time or another. I’m not well known as an artist at this point in time and I’m also still trying to work out my niche. The questions can be daunting at times.

What does my art mean for me? What can it mean for others? Why would anyone want to buy this piece of art? What can I do to make my art unique and stand out?

I think all artists have these questions nagging  in the back of their minds at some point.

Given the competition out there, these are questions every artist should ask, wouldn’t you agree?

I have taken a few weeks to think about these issues and to reflect and as I am doing that I am working on several new pieces.

I just wanted to touch base with those of you who read me now, to say I’m still here, just busy creating.

I hope all is well with you and like Arnold says, in the movie Terminator, “I’ll be back…”

All Life is ART if you look close enough- Brigitte Cadena

I LIVE to paint. An Artist’s Creed

When I want to cry

When I want to laugh

When I’m screaming mad

When I’m filled with joy

I paint

When I feel pain

When I need to heal

When I feel hope

When it’s all I can do to cope

I paint

When I feel strongly about something

When I want to remember

When I need to forget

When I have something I want to say

And when I can’t find the words

I paint

I LIVE to paint.

For art about life go to bricadena.com

If you can’t fly, then run!

Martin Luther King

The Ladder of Life


What can you do?

Struggle is a funny thing. You are trying to climb up this ladder because there is something up there at the top you want. But the ladder you are climbing up is unsteady and worn . At any moment you feel like a rung will just snap and throw you to the ground.

How do you keep on going up?

One step at a time. Yes there are chances and risks involved. It would be so much easier if you had a ladder that was brand new and sturdy, but that is not your case. You can tape up the parts of the ladder that are weak but that is a temporary fix and still may not solve your problem.

You could be tired from the climb especially if you have been climbing up this ladder for a long time.

Disappointment and discouragement are the weak parts of your ladder that try to keep you on an uneven keel but if you look at the ladder with really open eyes, you could probably find other parts to it that are still strong and hold onto to those parts that are strong until you get to the top.

Drive and determination are the strong parts of the ladder and the strong parts that are inside you. If you are afraid of heights, the last thing you should do is look down. Especially if you are closer to the top because if you do look down, you could lose ground and slip. The thing you fear most, is the long fall.

But if you just keep looking up and stay focused on what you wanted up there at the top. Stay really focused and climb up this ladder just one rung at a time, you will see yourself getting closer and closer to the top.

Each time you reach out for a higher rung you have to let go of the the one below or you won’t get anywhere.

Every time you see yourself “one step up”, you can feed on that accomplishment to give you the energy and enthusiasm to keep on. Before you know it, you will be exactly where you want to be at the top because of the effort and hard work you put in first.

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Thank  you Martin Luther King for your words of wisdom and inspiration.

Until next time.

Brigitte Cadena

All Life is ART if you look close enough

What kind of lens do you see life through?

If you were to take a group of people, let’s say five to keep this simple. You take this group out into a large park or piece of land and hand each of them a camera.

You say, “Go out and shoot pictures of whatever interests you for an hour”. What do you think you will see when they get back?

Each person would bring back pictures or images they found interesting to them.

Each person would bring back their own perspective of beauty, life, nature, animals, inanimate objects and all sorts of different images unique to their own tastes and idea of what is interesting or beautiful.

It was the same place, the same area, same piece of land but each person’s images would differ greatly.

It is lot to do with how people see life, what their past experiences are and how they see life in general.

Some may show beautiful landscapes depicting the wondrous glory of nature.

Some may show animals or birds showing goofy behavior.

Some may focus on shadows or reflections.

It will all be different based on their unique views on life.

So my question for you is, What kind of lens do you see life through?

Is it one that is happy and cheerful? Is it one that is serious or dark and brooding? Maybe it is one that is curious or humorous?

We all have our views on life and some are positive and some are not.  But this is more than just looking at the glass half-empty or full.

It’s about images that make us see things differently than we did before.

We are such a visual society, with quick access to a camera on our phone, any time of the day we can record life.  We have this innate need to share our vision with others, hence social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and all the others.

Anytime I take a picture, it means something special to me.

When I share it with you, I hope you can see what I see.

So tell me, what kind of lens do you see life through?


Do you see things in mostly black and white?

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Do you see things full of color?

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(This was published in The best of College Photography 2010) by Photographer’s Forum)


Does your vision lend itself to strength and sustenance?

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(This was published in the Best of Photography 2011, by Photographer’s Forum)

Or do you view life with a slice of goofy humor?

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Whatever way you see life will draw in others who see life the way you do. And that’s a good thing.

Until tomorrow!

Brigitte Cadena

All Life is ART if you look close enough

Night and Day-The two are not so different after all

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This is a piece I collaborated with my daughter. It was a fun project. I did this painting with my daughter during one of the many debt ceiling wars that have been going on here in the United States. I don’t usually focus on anything political in my art but as this piece of art took form, I immediately could see the significance of this piece.

As individuals we all have different viewpoints on every issue imaginable.

We are either “for something” or totally “against it”. But I beg to differ.

Many people claim to be “black and white” with little grey in between. I, myself feel I am like that at times.
We define ourselves by the stance we take on hot issues regarding life, love, religion and well politics.

In this piece you see two opposing sides each depicting very opposite characteristics in color and form. The dividing line that fuses the two together can be clear as day or hazy as the night but even with that idea, there still remains bits and pieces from the other side that we adopt, believe in or subscribe to even if we are unwilling to admit this.

What do you think? What are some issues in your life that you are for or against?

Can you see the small allowances you make that show a small compromise in your stance?

Is it really so bad that there are some grey areas?

There are different interpretations for this piece. This is only one of them.

I title is “Night and Day” because of the differences between the two sides but you can look at it as an expression of “Maturity and Innocence”.

Considering I did this with my young daughter. She painted the lighter side depicting her innocence and openness to the world where I painted the darker side that shows more experience in life.

Trust may be hard at times but is essential

Do you remember that game you might have played as a kid with a friend or sibling. The other person stands behind you with their arms stretched out and you are to fall back and trust they will catch you. It is called the Trust game.
This art piece when I was creating it was supposed to be two flowers and as I continued painting it, this is what I saw immediately.

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Trust is a tricky thing to do. It can be trusting a person you love or a friend but it also can be trusting yourself.

As we embark onto a New Year with new goals, dreams and aspirations, I look back on the past year and my daughter asked me as we celebrated the strike of midnight. “Mom, what is your new year’s resolution?” I had not really jotted down any new ideas of what I wanted to accomplish. I have already made up my mind about taking my art out into the public and putting myself out there. But it came to me as I was reviewing some of my images that there is one thing that I must set out to do if I am to be successful in my other goals as an artist.

That one thing is to trust.

Trust that all the hard work I am putting in will eventually pay off for me and my future.

There is a lot of work involved in taking your art to a professional level. These efforts take time and energy. I must look at it as a farmer does when taking care of his land. He plants the seeds, he nourishes the land, he pulls out the weeds and he does so much work up front and then later on he will witness the fruits of his labor. It’s like that flower on the right who seems to be falling backward, or like the person who must trust that when he falls backward that person behind him with his arms stretched out is going to catch him.

“If we can just let go and trust that things will work out they way they’re supposed to, without trying to control the outcome, then we can begin to enjoy the moment more fully. The joy of the freedom it brings becomes more pleasurable than the experience itself.”
― Goldie Hawn

Trust the inner me

Since I started back on putting my art out there for the public to see, I have done a lot of soul-searching. I have reflected on who I am and what my art really is about. I have a much clearer idea of all this now than before.

A human being is only interesting if he’s in contact with himself. I learned you have to trust yourself, be what you are, and do what you ought to do the way you should do it. You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.
Barbra Streisand (1942 – )

Before I embarked on this journey a few months ago, I thought through a lot of what I truly wanted and I did research on others who are successful now in the art field. I studied them and what they do and how they do it. I am a firm believer in this quote.

Trust one who has gone through it.
Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC), The Aeneid

Before I embarked on this journey a few months ago, I thought through a lot of what I truly wanted and I did research on others who are successful now in the art field. I studied them and what they do and how they do it. I am a firm believer in emulating those who I respect and admire.

Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.
Natalie Goldberg

I have realized that no matter what direction my life is going, I find myself back here with Art and Photography.

Trust that faith is a big part of trust.

He who has faith has… an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, calmness, and assuring trust that all will come out well – even though to the world it may appear to come out most badly.
B. C. Forbes

Trust that as long as I keep moving forward the destination can only come closer and I can enjoy the journey.

“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Art in the eyes of a viewer-Shattered Silence

The one thing I love about art is that is very subjective. what one piece of art means to one person can certainly mean something very different for someone else.

To the Artist, the artist knows the mood, emotion and story behind each piece of art. As an artist when I create something, I pull from everywhere, past experiences, social issues, life in general. It can be very personal or it can be a message to the outside of that artist’s world.

I have been known to take the emotions or experiences from someone else and create a piece of art reflecting that all the while pulling from my own life experiences to poetry, a photo, a drawing or a painting. Take for example this piece, I have titled, “Shattered Silence”

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Upon looking at this image, what do you see?

This is how I describe this piece of art and I am going to share with you what others have said about this piece.

“This piece has to do with those moments when a person may be filled with emotion but has refrained from expressing their true emotions. I don’t believe it is healthy to keep things in and I truly believe when a person does that, there comes a time when that person must speak out but by that time, it is much more than speaking, rather it is screaming so loud it could shatter glass. That is the concept for shattered silence. This is an acrylic on paper.”

Here is what someone else said about this piece. I really liked what she had to say.

“Your wisdom is profound, i love your picture, the broken shards of emotional energy, not knowing how to be released, but she is finding a way…it is coming through. Her heart is ready to release, perhaps forgive…and to air it all..to release it all..so healing can begin

This is amazing and so riveting,  just fabulous, you can feel her exposing the feelings..the emotions…just fabulous…this is a very healing painting, it is full of all emotions…and so good for the soul.  I can relate to your painting, as I imagine many of us can who live in this world. 

 My life came to this a few years back..and what a difference now…this is like the dark night of the soul if you will…coming through the last part  of the journey to me. 

It  is  wonderful to release all the broken shards of life…emotions..and rebirth into something new, happy, and the wisdom that has been experienced and learned from each shard, gives you an understanding that is deeper than the ocean, and ripples through each fiber of your being. 

Well done…your amazing!~  A billion stars for you!!! You express through your art, the heart and all that it contains….you have a beautiful gift, and I am so grateful you are in PIL(PaintingsIlove.com)…so we can all see and feel your beautiful and heart-felt paintings. 

You are sharing you wisdom through your prose and painting, and you are so wise…..Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and all of PIL!  Now put on a smile…hee hee…i know you already have! 

Happy Painting!!”                                       

 Brenda Forsey

When someone can someone can look at a piece of art and see so much in that particular piece, that tells me I did something right. I tapped into something deep and meaningful even if to that one person. Although I have received many affirming comments about this piece, this was my favorite.

I was very touched by that and that is why I do this. This is why I love art.

Are you what/who you wanted to be when you were a child?

Question-What do you want to be when you grow up?

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It’s the age old question isn’t it?

Talk to any child and ask them that and they will tell you.

I want to be a policeman, a fireman, a doctor, a nurse, the president of the United States.

They have no idea what it takes as far as education, skill, knowledge or experience.

They are simple. They just know what they want.

Do you remember how you answered that question when you were so young and innocent?

Are you living that child-like dream in your life right now?

I am here to tell you that you, yes YOU have a purpose in life.

You may ask me, “Really? Well, what is it?”

My answer,”You are the only one who can answer that question”. We all have a purpose in life. We all have a role we play. I really think that until a person realizes their purpose, that person will feel lost, confused or unhappy.

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I can tell you from my own experience that I have tried it all. I won’t go into the long list of attempts I have tried but I can tell you that like a boomerang hitting me on the head after I threw it out into the universe, Art and Photography keep coming back to me.

A Round We Go

Art Prints

I have been capturing images since the ripe ol age of 17 when I took my first photography class in high school. I was also the kid that loved to write, poetry, fiction, just anything. If I ever was put in closed room with no walls, windows or doors, just give me a pen and paper and I would be happy. Now that I have added art to this dream of mine, a pencil would do just fine.

These were my dreams to write words and photograph the beauty of  life around me. After going around in circles, around and around, here I am. I do freelance photography to pay the bills and I have my blog and art to share with you.

I can honestly say I am living my dream.

And that makes me happy!

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. ~Charles Horton Cooley

So can you sit back to a simpler time when you might have had a dream?
What was it?

Do you know what your purpose is in life?

This image comes from a talented team of artists David and Carol Kelly. You can see their

art here
Play me

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This was the inspiration for this blog. I was browsing other artists works and this image came before me, and the title seemed to scream at me, “Play me”. I mean what other purpose does a piano have really? It’s sole and only purpose for existing is to produce beautiful music to delight our ears and beings. It must be played to produce it’s purpose right?

What about one of the best inventions of our time? The lightbulb is there for us to see light where it was once dark. As dreamy as times past might have been all illuminated by fire and candlelight, the light bulb changed that and gave us longer awake times, but why?  To increase our productivity.

Bright Idea

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Have you ever been through a power outage and realized just how much you depended on electricity when it was no longer available to you?

How about the Headlight of your vehicle. Doesn’t it serve it’s purpose to light up the road you are taking? Doesn’t it help get you were you want to go?

Headlight of a Vintage Car

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You may have just said simply, “I just want to be famous or I want to get to the top”. Well that is what stairs are for.

The Climb

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You can reach the top of any dream you have but first, you have to start the climb. No one can do that for you. All it takes is one step, then one more and another. As long as you keep taking that one step on top of another, you will reach the top.

The Railroad industry changed our world back then. It was then, what the internet is to us now. We can go to places we might never have gone before. You just have to choose the path you want to go on right?


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These are vehicles to get you were you want to go. Tools that are necessary to reach that end of the road, to the prize (your dream) you want to reach.

“Ok, how do I realize my dream? How do I find out what is my purpose is in life?” you may be asking.

My answer, “Do what comes naturally to you.” You may have to dig a little but you know yourself better than anyone. Even with that, I have been told numerous times that I take really great pictures. I have been doing it for so long, it comes naturally for me. I don’t even think twice about it. I have my eye well trained to see things differently than others.

Spider Web

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Like the spider weaving it’s web. I really don’t think they had to go to school to learn how to do this. I mean I’m sure mama spider gave baby spider some tips or something but the spiders who weave webs do it so naturally. It was what they were meant to do. Why do they do this? They do this to survive, to protect themselves and their young. And when they do, it’s beautiful because as eerie as even I feel about spiders, they serve their purpose. And look at it. It’s a true work of art in my eyes.

So now it’s time for you to sit back and think for a moment. What did you want to be when you grow up? Whatever it is, it’s not too late to start.

Never Stop Dreaming

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All art work is available for purchase by clicking on images to their pages.

All life is Art if you look closely enough-
Brigitte Cadena

B Sunflower STRONG

Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall, like the pressures of life’s experiences were coming down on you so hard you felt like you were going to fall apart?

Here is a description of the image below on my art page.

I was doing a photo shoot in the downtown area of Corpus Christi, Texas, when I saw a bunch of wildflowers, Sunflowers. It
was a windy day and when I saw them I liked how they were moving around as the wind pushed the petals toward the center. They looked windswept as if they were dancing.

As strong as the winds were, I was amazed to see the petals, even with the pressure of the harsh winds did not fall or fly away. I thought that was beautiful.

It reminds me to stand strong and not worry, even with all the pressures around, I can stand strong and not fear I will lose parts of myself through the rough times that we all will experience at one time or another in life.

Just remember when you feel like the walls are closing in or that you can’t handle what you are going through in life, think of this sunflower that withstood the winds and remained intact.

You too are “Sunflower STRONG”


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