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The first heartbreak hurts, but it will be ok

Okay,  now I know I am dating myself here but I want to talk about something special to me.

When I was a young girl, I don’t even remember how old I was when I saw this short film. It was titled “The Red Balloon”. Have you seen it?

If you have, you will remember the story vividly. If you have never seen it, you are still a young one and that’s okay, this is for you as well.


There was this little boy who came across this big, bright, beautiful red balloon. Everywhere he went, it followed him. He came to depend on it being outside of wherever he was at, waiting patiently for him until one day it wasn’t.

He started to search for it and search all around town but could not find it. Sometimes he would spot it high in the sky (if I remember it correctly). He would try to reach out to it but to no avail, this beautiful, red balloon always seemed out of his reach.

I think eventually the balloon burst and it was no more. The sad boy walked away, head down for he had lost this big, bouncy, red balloon.

I happened to see this movie once again when I joined Netflix a few years back. It was then that I spent a lot of time drawing in charcoal. I was experimenting and I came up with this concept.

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I call it “First Heartbreak”. It’s a simple sketch, not a lot of detail but I loved how it came out and to my surprise many people have liked it. At one time I had it listed and it was the second most viewed image I had on a p.o.d. site.

I could not understand why that was so.

When I look at this piece, I see the innocence in the little girl’s eyes. When you are young and your heart is broken, it can be a shock to your system. You don’t know what hit you. You fall in love for the first time and like Sheryl Crow sings, “The first cut is the deepest”,  It’s a pain that is indescribable.

I think she is referring to that first heartbreak.  You don’t have any experience of what it feels like but it feels like someone slashed through your heart and you feel, you really feel like the hurt is never going to stop.

Looking back to my past, thinking back to that first time I thought I was in love. I remember what that first heartbreak felt like years ago.  I can certainly relate to the expression of the little girl holding her torn red heart balloon, floating at half-mast. Tha represents that a part of you, that trusting and innocent part of you, that openness of your heart that died.

You are no longer innocent in love.

Looking back to that time and all the time in between, I realize that yes, that first heartbreak hurts the most.  As you grow up and learn from your experiences, you become wiser, stronger and better prepared to handle all kinds of heartbreaks that may cross your path.

No one wants to feel heartbreak, I know I don’t but life has those, along with all the other good stuff. And for me? It is the good stuff I choose to focus on.

After many years of living and loving, I can look back on that first heart break and realize the hurt did not last forever and a day.

Like the body recovering from a wound or a broken bone, it hurts so much when it happens. After some time and healing, the pain become less and less.

You may have a little scar like the red balloon but the balloon is still floating. And it’s going to be okay.

All Life is Art if you look close enough-Bricadena


Art in the eyes of a viewer-Shattered Silence

The one thing I love about art is that is very subjective. what one piece of art means to one person can certainly mean something very different for someone else.

To the Artist, the artist knows the mood, emotion and story behind each piece of art. As an artist when I create something, I pull from everywhere, past experiences, social issues, life in general. It can be very personal or it can be a message to the outside of that artist’s world.

I have been known to take the emotions or experiences from someone else and create a piece of art reflecting that all the while pulling from my own life experiences to poetry, a photo, a drawing or a painting. Take for example this piece, I have titled, “Shattered Silence”

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Upon looking at this image, what do you see?

This is how I describe this piece of art and I am going to share with you what others have said about this piece.

“This piece has to do with those moments when a person may be filled with emotion but has refrained from expressing their true emotions. I don’t believe it is healthy to keep things in and I truly believe when a person does that, there comes a time when that person must speak out but by that time, it is much more than speaking, rather it is screaming so loud it could shatter glass. That is the concept for shattered silence. This is an acrylic on paper.”

Here is what someone else said about this piece. I really liked what she had to say.

“Your wisdom is profound, i love your picture, the broken shards of emotional energy, not knowing how to be released, but she is finding a way…it is coming through. Her heart is ready to release, perhaps forgive…and to air it all..to release it all..so healing can begin

This is amazing and so riveting,  just fabulous, you can feel her exposing the feelings..the emotions…just fabulous…this is a very healing painting, it is full of all emotions…and so good for the soul.  I can relate to your painting, as I imagine many of us can who live in this world. 

 My life came to this a few years back..and what a difference now…this is like the dark night of the soul if you will…coming through the last part  of the journey to me. 

It  is  wonderful to release all the broken shards of life…emotions..and rebirth into something new, happy, and the wisdom that has been experienced and learned from each shard, gives you an understanding that is deeper than the ocean, and ripples through each fiber of your being. 

Well done…your amazing!~  A billion stars for you!!! You express through your art, the heart and all that it contains….you have a beautiful gift, and I am so grateful you are in PIL(PaintingsIlove.com)…so we can all see and feel your beautiful and heart-felt paintings. 

You are sharing you wisdom through your prose and painting, and you are so wise…..Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and all of PIL!  Now put on a smile…hee hee…i know you already have! 

Happy Painting!!”                                       

 Brenda Forsey

When someone can someone can look at a piece of art and see so much in that particular piece, that tells me I did something right. I tapped into something deep and meaningful even if to that one person. Although I have received many affirming comments about this piece, this was my favorite.

I was very touched by that and that is why I do this. This is why I love art.