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To the Right-That is the way to go

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This is a new watercolor art piece I painted recently. It is a compilation of a lot of lines that look like  the letter L. It is also a symbol of righteousness. I created this painting with this in mind.

In life there is always a choice or a path to follow. Depending on your views in life there is a right way and a wrong way for each of us. I believe myself to be a person of integrity. I follow a straight path and I do my best to do the right thing in all my affairs. Integrity and character are very important values to me and I prefer to live a life that reflects that.

Sometimes you have to make a decision about something in your life and as difficult as that is, I choose to move toward the right. That is what this artwork means to me.

What do you see when you look at this piece of art?

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All Life is Art if you look close enough-Brigitte Cadena


Your decision today defines your tomorrow

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Imagine this for a moment.

You are walking down this road and it’s breezy and sunny. You feel fine with life as it is. Things are looking quite alright. Then something changes on your path.

You arrive at this fork in the road. You may not have even seen it up ahead because you were enjoying the blue sky or maybe some birds singing in the distance.

Yet here it is.

You must make a choice.

Do you go left? Do you go right? How do you decide?

You can’t see far enough ahead to determine where each of these paths lead. You can’t cut  yourself in half to take both roads simultaneously.

That reminds me when I am at the grocery store and the lines are all so crowded. When I am lucky, my daughter is with me and can stand in another line, that way I have an alternative line to jump into if it proves to be moving faster.

But that is not how this is. You must choose one path unless you deem it better to set up  camp right there at the fork of the road.

The only thing wrong with that is you will never get to where you wanted to go in the first place.

The only thing to know right now about this fork in the road, is that this crossroad is there and it’s waiting for you to decide.

The question is, “Which path will YOU take?”

The choice you make can define you.

It’s called a defining moment. It’s a moment that takes into consideration where you have been, your perspective on life and where you really want to go in your life.

The decisions you made yesterday define who you are today and what you decide on today will define your tomorrow.

It could be about anything really in life, like a relationship you are in, a career choice, or something as simple as actions you take today that could determine your health tomorrow.

I’ve always been a sort of “Black and White” type of person. It seems to show through in some of my art, and I will admit that, yes there are grey areas.

There are times when it seem to tasking to see something just one way or another. I have had my own moments when it was easier to just not decide, to stay put but I remembered a poem I wrote many years ago that goes well with this concept.


It’s not holding on
It’s not letting go
It’s no longer hoping
yet it’s not giving up
It’s not pressing on
It’s not going backwards
It’s not pushing toward
It’s not retreating back
It’s not taking a step forward
Or, taking a step backward
It’s not accepting,
or denying the truth

Indecision, is standing still
It’s doing nothing
and one thing for sure
It is still
making a decision

Brigitte Cadena
May 2007

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