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Corpus Christi, Downtown Artwalk is here again!

Friday is Corpus Christi’s monthly Artwalk and I plan on setting up a table and sharing my art with you.

I will be at Supreme Lending, it is located at

509 Lawrence, Suite 201
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

It is just down the street from the main hub of the Artwalk at La Retama Park.

If you stop by, I will have Black and White Photography prints, Color Photography Prints, Ink Drawings,Paintings, Pencil drawings,  Watercolors, Jewelry and more.

I may even have some very new work hanging up inside Supreme Lending. But we will see.

I have spent the last few months, painting, organizing, packaging and preparing to show my work and share my love of art with others and all this hard work is finally showing me that this is what I was meant to do.

Why? Because I love doing this and it makes me happy.

I feel so fortunate that I have this opportunity to do something I really love to do and I know that regardless of what happens, I will always love creating art.

So this Friday if you are looking for something fun and interesting to do, go to  Downtown  Corpus Christi and see some great artwork and come and say hi! It will be worth your while.

On another note, I am featured on a blog by


It has a sample of some of my new art pieces. These will be available at the Artwalk on Friday so I hope to see you there!

For Fine Art Prints you can go to bricadena.com

To know more about me and my original artwork, Art Commissions or to schedule a photo shoot you can go to my new website.


All Life is Art, if you look close enough-Brigitte Cadena


Art is Life

Art is a songHave you ever been so moved by the words of a song that you had to play it over again because it spoke to you?  That is art.

Have you ever read a poem that put into words all you wanted to ever say but did not know how? That is art.

Have  you ever looked at a painting or a photograph and could see a story  or a message within that image?
If someone came behind you and they saw a different story relating to their own life? That is art.

Art to me comes from deep within. It’s highly personal and it is also very subjective. What it means to me may not mean the same to you but that is the beauty of art.

I have had a lot going on in my life lately and most of it is great and then there were some bumps in the road but nonetheless, I have been creating art and that brings me much joy.

I had two pieces hanging at the Art Center in June. I am preparing myself to enter a couple of other shows and that takes much planning.

I am also hoping to be selling my artwork at this upcoming Artwalk so we will see.

Oh and I just recently launched my very own website!


This is a place to check out my original artwork available for sale and there are pages devoted to how you can commission me for a piece of art and also how to schedule a photo shoot for you or your loved ones.

More to come.

Sell Art Online

This piece will be hanging in the Member’s Gallery at the Art Center here in Corpus Christi,  from now until early September.
Stop by so you can check it out!

All Life is ART if you look close enough…

Brigitte Cadena

Gallery Spotlight: Architecture and Structures as Art

Years ago I lived in Chicago. It was a great time in my life because I loved the culture and diversity. I also loved the architecture there as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of images from that time in my life but that love for the lines and geometric shapes that images of architecture can offer has always stayed with me.

Here are some artistic photography images of architecture and structures that I happen to love here in Corpus Christi,  Texas where I now reside.

Corpus Christi is known more for the beach and marina but I am happy to say I have found some buildings and structures that I could utilize to photograph images I think are beautiful.

Photography Prints

Reflection of a building in Corpus Christi, Texas

Sell Art Online

Other Side Of The Harbor Bridge In Corpus Christi Texas

Sell Art Online

Top Of Corpus Christi Cathedral In Black And White

Sell Art Online

High In The Sky Corpus Christi Cathedral

Sell Art Online

Harbor Bridge In The Coastal Bend In Black And White

(All images can be viewed on a larger scale by clicking on said images, prints are also available in canvas print, metal print and more.)

I hope you like them

Brigitte Cadena
All Life is ART if you look close enough

PASSION-It is something you CAN NOT ignore

It’s been cold all over. I live in South Texas and we are feeling the freeze here too. I know it’s not as cold as other part are but we are not used to degrees in the 37 range so we are COLD!

I was I driving my daughter to school this morning when I saw a man jogging. He had on long sleeves and gloves and long jogging wear but not much else. I could see the cold chilly smoke that comes out of one’s mouth when exhaling and all I could think of was, “Wow, this guy is running in this cold weather? He must really be passionate about it.”

This got me thinking about passion.

Dictionary.com describes passion as being an intense emotional feeling for an object or thing. It also talks about passion of the other sorts but I want to stick with the first description.

Passion to me is a driving force inside oneself that pushes that person towards or for something he/she cares deeply about.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”
–Oprah Winfrey

I have been fortunate enough to have always had jobs that I could feel passionate about.

I know it may not be so for others but for me, it has kept me going. I feel lucky in that respect.

A little over a year ago, I was not really living my passion, I went on a long hiatus and was not creating art, I was not seeking out really anything. I was not very happy either.

I still remember when it occurred to me that I needed to get back into this art journey I have been back on for a few months.

It was like this nagging itch that I could not reach, you know the kind, it’s right there somewhere on your back or you wiggle and worm your way trying to reach it but it can keep you moving like a nut until that itch is scratched.

Nothing else in my  life has changed much. The only thing that has changed is I feel more energetic and alive than I did about a year ago.

We all have something in life that we care deeply about or have strong feelings for. For me it is art and creating art. I still remember back in 2008 when I took my first stab at drawing. I really didn’t even know I could draw. I thought the best I could do was draw stick figures, but even the stick figures I used to draw in 2005 were very illustrative of emotion and so I had a feeling I had it in me. So there I was, buying pencils and charcoal and I didn’t even know how to use things like the blending tool. But I learned and before I knew it, I was not content UNLESS I had four or five drawing done by the end of the day.

You see, when you are passionate about something, you do it regardless. Like that man jogging in the cold. He could have pulled the covers up over his head and said, “Too cold today, I’ll try again tomorrow”. But he didn’t.

Just a couple of days ago, I took off to the bayfront near the ocean to try and shoot some pictures. I had my daughter with me, her friend and my dog.

It was not long before my dog wanted to get home, the kids were having fun even in the cold but after a while, as I was holding my camera, I could feel my fingers go numb, like I could not open my hand andclose them quickly.

I knew it was time to go but while I was shooting pictures I didn’t even notice this happening to my hand.

I know of some photographers who will travel miles and miles to get that “Shot”

A friend of mine told me once he walked up the Harbor Bridge JUST to get this one night shot of the city.

If these don’t show you what passion is, I don’t know what else will.

Does this mean that living your passion is easy?

No, it does not. It does require work, time, energy but if it is something you love, it won’t seem like work.

I have found that since I started back up on this art journey, I get up earlier in the morning, I go to bed later yet I feel more rested when I do get some sleep.

Passion for something is a feeling you just can’t ignore.

Like that itch I was talking about earlier. Nothing will ease you, satisfy you or give you that “Aahhh” feeling until it is scratched.

So here is my question for you?

What are you passionate about?

What do you care most deeply about?

If you know the answer to this question, are you doing something with it?

If not, we are in a brand new year and this could be your year to live your passion! What are  you waiting for?

Here is my offering today.

It’s an image that I created with my heart and soul. I wanted to find an interesting way to photograph the Harbor Bridge and here it is.

Photography Prints

Here is a picture of the Harbor Bridge in it’s entirety.


Here are some cool quotes about passion I would like to share with you.

“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.”
–Mia Hamm

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”
–Jon Bon Jovi

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”
–Wanda Sykes

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
–Nelson Mandela

“Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her. Without winds the vessel would not move and without a pilot she would be lost.” 


B Sunflower STRONG

Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall, like the pressures of life’s experiences were coming down on you so hard you felt like you were going to fall apart?

Here is a description of the image below on my art page.

I was doing a photo shoot in the downtown area of Corpus Christi, Texas, when I saw a bunch of wildflowers, Sunflowers. It
was a windy day and when I saw them I liked how they were moving around as the wind pushed the petals toward the center. They looked windswept as if they were dancing.

As strong as the winds were, I was amazed to see the petals, even with the pressure of the harsh winds did not fall or fly away. I thought that was beautiful.

It reminds me to stand strong and not worry, even with all the pressures around, I can stand strong and not fear I will lose parts of myself through the rough times that we all will experience at one time or another in life.

Just remember when you feel like the walls are closing in or that you can’t handle what you are going through in life, think of this sunflower that withstood the winds and remained intact.

You too are “Sunflower STRONG”


Photography Prints

Click on image to take you to bricadena art prints.

Artwalker’s DELIGHT! My experience as an Artwalker

It goes without saying, The monthly Artwalk is a great avenue for connecting artists with the public and vise versa. I am a local artist here in Corpus Christi. I have been working as a photographer for a few years now and have become very involved in our city’s monthly event we call Artwalk.

Much of my time has been spent showcasing my artwork over at the House of Rock where several other artists are interconnected through a group we call Coastal Bend Artists..

Well, this past Aartwalk that occurred last Friday, September 30th,  I decided to change things up for myself. I really wanted to branch out and experience this event as an Artwalker.  So I took my camera wanting to document what I saw and let me tell you, I wish I took much more pictures because it was so much fun.  I easily was distracted by the bustle and hustle of the downtown activities. Let’s just say I got so busy enjoying my time there, I almost forgot my original purpose of going as an ArtWALKER.

Because I have been working on the other side, as an artist, I just had no idea all that was happening around me so this was a great experience for me to see what others were seeing.

I got my little map and I set off on my journey to see the festivities,

You can download a copy of this map HERE.

I had several places I KNEW I wanted to check out: Jimmy Willden was performing at the Urban Fare Cafe. I wanted to check out various art venues and see what was going on, so off I went in search of great art music and fun.

The first place I started was near the Water Street Market, The Tree House Collective.

It has a beautiful layout and art all over the walls, I had the pleasure of talking with one of the artists there,  she creates stained glass art and I was so impressed. I know I will have to go back and spend a lot more time checking the art out.

Here is a link to their website for more info on them. Just go HERE.

Right outside there was a band playing in the center and I was excited to see live music outside.

I started walking and right behind Coffee Waves, a new and upcoming cafe there was live painting by Lantz Minatez.

Lantz at work with his creation.

Check out his new FB page Here .  Here is a link to his online gallery http://www.minatus.com/

As I was making my way to Urban Fare Cafe, I bumped into Augustine Garcia, sitting outside of Threads.

This is a great new shop that not only offers vintage clothing for men and woman, but on the weekends, Threads holds regular shows awith live music and art shows.  I recently participated in an artshow the was jam packed full of artists and live music. Check them out!

This is where I met Augustine. We talked for a bit and he was showcasing his girlfriends vintage jewelry -LOCK & THISTLE.  You can see more jewelry Here.

Right next door is Urban Fare Cafe on Williams Street.

If you haven’t been there, YOU NEED to. My current favorites are the Chicken Pesto Sandwich & Pita chips and their Thai Curry Rice Bowl and I could go on and on about their cheescake.  All I can say it that it is DIVINE.

Uban Fare Cafe not only serves great food and offers a great atmosphere, his walls are adorned with awesome art by local artists available for sale. I will let you in on something…I have a piece hanging there as well. Go have a bite to eat, enjoy the atmosphere, TRY their bite-sized cheesecakes desserts! Check out their page HERE

It was packed full of people and the music of Jimmy Willden resonated throughout. It was actually my first time listening to him and it was a highlight of my artwalk. Be on the lookout for this guy, He is definitely going somewhere with this. Find out more about him HERE 

After I enjoyed some great music, I was anxious to see what was going on at La Retama park.

Well on my way over there as I was crossing Schatzel street, there was music that was getting louder and louder as I got nearer. I looked to my right to see a band playing outside and it just drew me in. I had to go check it out.

People were crowded around the band playing and across the street. I didn’t know who the band was at that moment but I saw a sign saying GRAND OPENING.  GoGo Vintage Resale

I came back later to get a closer look and it’s this cool vintage store that just opened up downtown with a cool vibe going on. People were lining up to go in and it was like a big party all over. I realized it belonged to my new friend Natalie Lara who I also met at the Threads art show I was in a few weeks ago.  She told me later on  the bands that were playing that night were called, Los Sanchos, her own band, Ick vulnik and Space Fuzz.

Well I started back off to Retama Park. There was a lot to do and see and hear! Downtown Corpus Christi               was full of life!

This is the main central point of Artwalk. There are arts and crafts and activities for everyone to enjoy.

I saw my good friend Laurette Escobar from the Coastal Bend Artists with a table sponsored by the House of Rock, She was there selling her cute masks and next to her was Al Molina  another extremely talented artist who shows regularly at the House of Rock with other Coastal Bend Artists.

This is where you can see the Coastal Bend Artist’s page, just go Here

This is Al, seeling prints of his work to Artwalker’s. Go see his awesome paintings!

After I visited with them a bit, I walked around some more and saw this guy painting. He is from Tipsy Canvas, his name is Anthony Deleon and we had a great conversation about art and how much Artwalk has grown. This is a painting where he gets other people involved, each person paints a part and at the end of the evening, someone is lucky enough to win this great piece.

The Tipsy Canvas site is HERE

On the other side of the park is the pick up and drop off of the Tram that takes people en route to other venues in the area with events that are happening.

There is HOBO singing along on the Tram. Wherever the Tram takes you, they are there to entertain you.

I headed off to Starr street when I walked into Flannagan’s.  I saw Carlos Garcia  doing some live painting, yet another very talented artist.

There was so much more that I had not gotten to see, as the sun was setting I set out back to Retama park to check out the movie that night, there were kids playing hula hoops, people were all over and I just know NEXT Month is going to just as fun if not more! I truly enjoyed my time as an artwalker. I know you will to, so check your calendars and plan to come downtown to our fun filled weekend of art-music and fun!

To find out more about our monthly weekend event please go to the Artwalkcc website. There is a lot more to come!

This blog is brought to you by Bricadena Art . Check out my art page and “LIKE” it for more info on ART in the City!

Brigitte Cadena


Why I love Art and Artwalk Corpus Christi

I still remember as a young girl writing poetry when I was still in eighth grade. It was a way for my to express myself. I don’t remember as much taking art classes, except I do remember making a little vase and then using the inside of a cardboard with it’s ridges and making a patterned print that looked like a checkerboard.

In high school, because I loved to write I took a couple of journalism classes. It was fun, challenging and exciting to be involved in the school newspaper. My photography class was amazing and so much fun. I loved having a way to express my thoughts and ideas in a way other than speaking out.

When I was nineteen, I moved to Chicago and lived there for several years. What I loved about being in this great city was the culture it offered from the music festivals to the Art museum and the bustle of a big city.

That is what I miss the most about living there. I remember living in an up and coming neighborhood that occupied a lot of artists in the south side. It was an August afternoon and I went to the neigborhood’s “Artist’s Open House”.

It was a yearly event where the artist’s who lived in the community would open up their doors and let you walk freely into their homes (their studios) and check out their work. These were older buildings that were rich in detail and artistic flair. It has been said that the artists move into a (lower income neighborhood), they jazz up their place with their creativity and then the property values would rise and everyone would follow.

I was selling real estate for a short while later and that area was a hot place, everyone wanted a piece of it.

Now, it is a thriving and wonderful place to live and hang out.

I was talking with Alan Albin, a contact for the artwalk when I went to deliver my art piece for the September art prize draw. I told him him that Artwalk reminds me of my time in Chicago when I could breathe in all the culture and diversity of the city.  I even said, “Why I didn’t take up drawing back then when I lived there is beyond me”.

Like I mentioned, I loved to write and I loved to take photographs. I never considered myself an artist. I only started to draw in 2008 and realized that I wasn’t all that bad.

Back to Artwalk, when I see people walking around downtown Corpus Christi and I see new venues open up, I see life being breathed into our city.  Artwalk is an activity that you can participate with your friends and your family and it offers you a second set of eyes.

What I mean is as you go to the different venues where artists are sharing their work with you, you are given an opportunity to see life differently through someone else’s eyes. Look at the wide variety of art displayed by our local artists and you will take something back with you when you leave.

Art is important because it was one of the first forms of communication we had from 25,000 years ago. It was the carvings in the caves that gave future generations a glimpse of what was going on before them.

After a long day at work what are some things that relax you or help you unwind? Music? or a movie? Where did that come from if not for the creativity of artists? I support the Artwalk because to me it is something fun you can do with your friends, your family and your kids.

So come downtown this Friday, September 30th around 5:30 and enjoy all that the Artwalk has to offer.

September Art Buzz-Artwalk -Events surrounding art.

September’s Artwalk that took place on September 2, 2011 was a great time. I met some great people and I had the opportunity of participating in a bigger way as I was the Artist Sponsor for this month’s artwalk. I donated this piece to a lucky winner at the end of the evenin’s Prize Draw.

Title: Bloom

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16x 20

I was present for this month’s prize draw and here is the lucky winner.

It was a lot of fun. (Be on the lookout for October’s Art Prize Draw, word has it that I am the sponsor for that too!)

I had my work over at the House of Rock that evening.

It was a great time!


Reminder: Next Artwalk will be September 30th, be there!

Lots of great things happening around town in Corpus Christi regarding Art.

Upcoming events that I know of right now.

Faculty Art Show
Del Mar College
Joseph A. Cain Memorial Art Gallery
Fine Arts Center, East Campus
Del Mar College
Date: September 23, 2011
Time: 6-8pm.

Since I am currently a student at Del Mar, studying art I am looking forward to seeing the work of my instructors.

October Artwalk
Location: La Retama Park and all over Downtown
Date: September 3o, 2011
Time: 5:30-9:30 to 10:00

Check out the new Artwalk websitefor more infomation on this.


Art Feature-Gerald Lopez


Art Feature-Gerald Lopez

Name: Gerald Lopez
City/State: Corpus Christi, TX
Website: geraldlopezart.com

Bio: Gerald Lopez is currently an art instructor at Del Mar College and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, Texas. He also serves on the board of directors and exhibition committee of K Space Contemporary, a non-profit art gallery that presents and promotes contemporary art to the Coastal Bend region of South Texas. Gerald received his BFA from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and a MFA from the University of Delaware.
He has participated in many group exhibitions throughout the United States and his work can be found in the collections of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Gerald Lopez was my Design Instructor last year at Del Mar College and I learned a lot in his class. He gave us creative freedom to work on the assignments and was extremely helpful when I ran into an issue. He was there to offer guidance and give us the foundation of the elements of art but allowed each of us to create art in a personal way. I really enjoyed his class.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

Well, right now I am mainly looking at Renaissance art and artists. Not really a specific one but I am looking at a number of artists to get an idea of their use of structure, pespective, elements and themes.

What types of art do you prefer?

I enjoy all types of art from Ancient to Renaissance/Baroque to Modern and Contemporary Art. Teaching art I must say, has really broadened my horizons to many different types of art that I never considered as a student and that has opened up alot of doors to new ideas.

When did you start going public with your art?

I think I started trying to get my art public all the way back in my undergraduate student days at TAMUCC.

How would you describe your style?

Pour in some Renaissance and then add a bit of Pop Art with a twist of Surrealism and DADA. Shaken not stirred.

What is your approach to design?

I think my approach to design is alot like many other artists and non-artists for that matter. It’s an inate feeling of what seems to work and what dosen’t. Like trying to arrange furniture in a bare room for example. You move the furniture, plants, artwork and etc. around and around until you like what you see. In art you move color, line, shape etc. in the same manor. Design first and foremost has to satisfy the artist’s taste and hopefully that arrangment of elements and theme attracts other viewers in a positive way as well.

That is an interesting analogy you used, because when I am working on something, it is very much like moving furniture around, arrangement and placement is very important.

How do you bridge the gap of the business side of designing?

I seldom venture into the business side of designing if ever. I try to stay on the art side of things as much as possible. I guess that bridge is still under construction.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

Stay humble, be yourself and have fun. Art is filled with alot of ups and downs. I believe the trick is to not be too full of yourself during the ups and not get too discouraged during the downs. Stay steady and do what what you enjoy doing even when trends in art are heading the opposite direction. It’s a difficult road to travel to be sure, but in the end what’s the point of making art if you’re not having fun creating it? When art is fun it can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

I have to agree with you on that.

Can you describe your workspace?

I would describe my workspace as a little cramped but cozy. I have a desk where I work with enough room to create small to fairly large sized drawings, so the space is not a real big issue right now. Although a little more room never hurts. Recently however, I have had the opportunity to create a large scale mural downtown at Lizardoz Sub Pub on Chaparral which was alot of fun.

Can you describe your creative process?

I think the word “collage” best describes my creative process. I start by taking photos of many different people, places and things and then try to put them together in a drawing to form a cohesive narrative. My focus as of late have been themes of Corpus Christi. Though I do add a surreal twist to the stories.

What are some resources that you have found helpful to you as an artist that you would recommend to other artists?

Although there are numerous sources I have looked at for art and artists, the two most frequently used by myself are: Glasstire and Facebook. Glasstire is a good resource for finding out what is happening around Texas specifically and through facebook I can see what my art friends are up to and I can see what is happening around the world.

Can you tell us of any upcoming shows/exhibits for your work?

I will be in an exhibition called “Go West this Fall” which will feature artworks from Texas and French artists. It will be at the UNESCO Center in Paris, France, on Sept. 19 – 30, and at the Williams Tower Gallery in Houston on Oct. 27 – Nov. 25.


Go West this Fall

Well thank you again for taking this time to talk to me about your art.

Here is a preview of some of his art pieces. You can view his work at this website.

Website: go to geraldlopezart

Art Feature – Art in the City

I am a firm believer to be the best at something you need to surround yourself with others of like minds. I am introducing this new category in my blog to feature artists, groups and anyone who is making difference in the lives of others through art. I will be doing a weekly feature interview and I hope this will add something special in our art community of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Stay tuned!