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The Web we Weave inside our Head

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We as human beings can sometimes get ourselves in a real pickle wouldn’t you agree?

There are times in life when you think you are on the right path and you are looking straight ahead towards that goal or that endeavor. Whatever it is and all of a sudden something gets thrown at you and knocks you down.

Your mind is spinning and you are a hot mess. I did this ink drawing during a somewhat stressful time in my life recently. It looks like what my brain felt like with swirls here and there and so many thoughts fighting to stay on the frontline of my attention span.

But in drawing these shapes and lines over and over again in a somewhat robotic or trance-like state, it calmed me down.

Have you ever had so many things going on in your head and you were frustrated, overwhelmed and felt chaotic inside but things seemed to calm as you wrote out your thoughts? Maybe all you needed was to vent to someone until all that stress just left your body like a hot air balloon deflating?

That is what this drawing did for me and looking back on it makes me realize that things can be clear in your mind once you release what is stressing you out.

But oh my what a web we weave inside our head.

Do you have a time when you felt this way? What helped you release it or vent out what was bothering you?

This image of this original art piece is available for purchase at brigittecadena.com

To order your fine art print of this piece you can click through on the image or go to bricadena.com

All Life is Art if you look close enough-Brigitte Cadena


September Art Buzz-Artwalk -Events surrounding art.

September’s Artwalk that took place on September 2, 2011 was a great time. I met some great people and I had the opportunity of participating in a bigger way as I was the Artist Sponsor for this month’s artwalk. I donated this piece to a lucky winner at the end of the evenin’s Prize Draw.

Title: Bloom

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16x 20

I was present for this month’s prize draw and here is the lucky winner.

It was a lot of fun. (Be on the lookout for October’s Art Prize Draw, word has it that I am the sponsor for that too!)

I had my work over at the House of Rock that evening.

It was a great time!


Reminder: Next Artwalk will be September 30th, be there!

Lots of great things happening around town in Corpus Christi regarding Art.

Upcoming events that I know of right now.

Faculty Art Show
Del Mar College
Joseph A. Cain Memorial Art Gallery
Fine Arts Center, East Campus
Del Mar College
Date: September 23, 2011
Time: 6-8pm.

Since I am currently a student at Del Mar, studying art I am looking forward to seeing the work of my instructors.

October Artwalk
Location: La Retama Park and all over Downtown
Date: September 3o, 2011
Time: 5:30-9:30 to 10:00

Check out the new Artwalk websitefor more infomation on this.