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When Two Worlds Collide-sometimes they mesh, sometimes they don’t

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People like to say that opposites attract when referring to a relationship.

Have you ever noticed those couples out there in your world that have you scratching your head, thinking, “HUH?”

She is a morning person, He is a night owl.

She loves to go out and about the town. He prefers to stay home and watch TV.

She loves the ballet. He loves Monday Night Football.

Her favorite meal of the day is breakfast. He can’t put anything in his stomach earlier than noon.

She likes soups and salads. He loves Junk Food.

These two people for whatever reason couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

It looks like a completely mismatched pair.

For some the two will never see eye to eye on anything.

Their union is a heartbreak just waiting to happen.

And then there are some, after some pushing and pulling, they decide that the differences between them is what is special about them. Their common respect for the other allows the freedom for each of them to be who they truly are and the love grows from that.

This painting is a reflection of that idea.

At the top of the painting you can see the clash between the colors on each opposite side. The colors do not mesh, they do not come together in any way. There is a definite dividing line between them, but as your eyes travel down the middle of the painting you will see two hearts who truly want to become one.

When two people come together and decide that the differences among them is okay, you can see underneath the two hearts, a blending of colors.

What was once red, black, white and yellow clashing against each other now blend into a pinkish color meshed together to make a new color. Or you see a crossing over of colors that represents the compromise some couples will take to appreciate the differences between them and still keep their own individuality.

When two worlds collide, sometimes it does not work out.

But sometimes it can.


All LIFE is art if you look close enough -Brigitte Cadena


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“And then when the world never finds you, remember you are the one who was hiding in the first place.” Brigitte Cadena

Hide my face..
Put up the blinds
I won’t let you see
who I am
I refuse to let myself shine
Because I am afraid.

Afraid that if I let you in
to see me with blinds open wide
You will turn and walk away
That is why Why I hide

I will paint on my smile
and hide away my pain
And never risk the sunlight
to blind me again into believing
that it is okay to let myself shine

Would you look at me
and see that I am more or less
than what I claim to be?
Would you take my heart
and love me until I am free?
or hate me for all that you see?

Masquerade, Masquerade
I am almost late for the ball
When midnight strikes
I have to leave before I surely fall
I wish
I wish
I could show you all that I truly am
and I wish you would open your eyes
and just understand

That I put on this mask
and dance around when I am dying inside
But can’t make a sound
Because If I did
then you would see
just how much I wish
I so wish, I could be free.

Copywright 2007

Why do people wear a mask or hide who they are? Whoever you are, you are unique and perfectly you.
When will you decide to rip that mask off and throw caution to the wind.

You never know, you might find out that there was no reason to hide in the first place.

Here’s to letting your light shine brightly for all the world to see and love.