What kind of lens do you see life through?

If you were to take a group of people, let’s say five to keep this simple. You take this group out into a large park or piece of land and hand each of them a camera.

You say, “Go out and shoot pictures of whatever interests you for an hour”. What do you think you will see when they get back?

Each person would bring back pictures or images they found interesting to them.

Each person would bring back their own perspective of beauty, life, nature, animals, inanimate objects and all sorts of different images unique to their own tastes and idea of what is interesting or beautiful.

It was the same place, the same area, same piece of land but each person’s images would differ greatly.

It is lot to do with how people see life, what their past experiences are and how they see life in general.

Some may show beautiful landscapes depicting the wondrous glory of nature.

Some may show animals or birds showing goofy behavior.

Some may focus on shadows or reflections.

It will all be different based on their unique views on life.

So my question for you is, What kind of lens do you see life through?

Is it one that is happy and cheerful? Is it one that is serious or dark and brooding? Maybe it is one that is curious or humorous?

We all have our views on life and some are positive and some are not.  But this is more than just looking at the glass half-empty or full.

It’s about images that make us see things differently than we did before.

We are such a visual society, with quick access to a camera on our phone, any time of the day we can record life.  We have this innate need to share our vision with others, hence social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and all the others.

Anytime I take a picture, it means something special to me.

When I share it with you, I hope you can see what I see.

So tell me, what kind of lens do you see life through?


Do you see things in mostly black and white?

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Do you see things full of color?

Art Prints
(This was published in The best of College Photography 2010) by Photographer’s Forum)


Does your vision lend itself to strength and sustenance?

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(This was published in the Best of Photography 2011, by Photographer’s Forum)

Or do you view life with a slice of goofy humor?

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Whatever way you see life will draw in others who see life the way you do. And that’s a good thing.

Until tomorrow!

Brigitte Cadena

All Life is ART if you look close enough


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