Art that makes you want to reach out and touch-Texture in Art

Texture in Art and Photography is a favorite theme for me. To me it shows depth and it almost seems to be begging you to reach out and touch, reach out and feel. (Okay, Don’t do this at a museum. I don’t think they would like for you to touch their paintings from the Masters).

Anyway, there are some images I like to create that are full of texture. It may be an abstract of some sort with no real theme, but it does have something special about it. The texture is rich. These are two photographs I took when I was out and about looking for interesting subjects to photograph and I came across this old building. The colors of the brown and blue attracted me and I ended up with this.

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Onto another place, I was a little disappointed I could not find any cute flowers to shoot. This one part of town had a lot of construction going on and I saw this pile of concrete pieces and I thought, “Hey, this could make for an interesting piece of art. This is what I got out of that.

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In art, oil paintings that seem the most beautiful to me are those with a lot of texture, where the paint is piled on thickly but with that comes a beautiful image rich in texture. I mostly work with acrylics and I am still working on achieving that thick textured look but here are a couple of pieces that I think go nicely with this blog.

Photography Prints

I hope you enjoy. (All images here are available for purchase, just click on the images and it will take you to my site.

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What are your thoughts about texture in art?


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