Night and Day-The two are not so different after all

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This is a piece I collaborated with my daughter. It was a fun project. I did this painting with my daughter during one of the many debt ceiling wars that have been going on here in the United States. I don’t usually focus on anything political in my art but as this piece of art took form, I immediately could see the significance of this piece.

As individuals we all have different viewpoints on every issue imaginable.

We are either “for something” or totally “against it”. But I beg to differ.

Many people claim to be “black and white” with little grey in between. I, myself feel I am like that at times.
We define ourselves by the stance we take on hot issues regarding life, love, religion and well politics.

In this piece you see two opposing sides each depicting very opposite characteristics in color and form. The dividing line that fuses the two together can be clear as day or hazy as the night but even with that idea, there still remains bits and pieces from the other side that we adopt, believe in or subscribe to even if we are unwilling to admit this.

What do you think? What are some issues in your life that you are for or against?

Can you see the small allowances you make that show a small compromise in your stance?

Is it really so bad that there are some grey areas?

There are different interpretations for this piece. This is only one of them.

I title is “Night and Day” because of the differences between the two sides but you can look at it as an expression of “Maturity and Innocence”.

Considering I did this with my young daughter. She painted the lighter side depicting her innocence and openness to the world where I painted the darker side that shows more experience in life.


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