The Artist


To capture life’s beauty and tranpose it onto the canvas is a gift.

A gift from the eyes of the Artist, to the viewer.

An artist who sees our world in a way that is
different than you or I.

With palette in one hand and brush in the other.
he strokes onto the canvas a tapestry of colors
that reveals the essence of the beauty his eyes see
from deep inside his soul.

The images dance in his mind and transforms this canvas to a masterpiece that has embraced life.

Life filled with happiness,tears, passion, fears, love, sorrow, pain and strife.

Life filled with determination, laughter, reflection, promise and hope. All that is life.

The Artist has a gift for maybe your eyes only.

A reminder to embrace life.

Brigitte Cadena

Here’s to a magical, wondrous, enlightening New Year!


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