Let go and Set Free

Art Prints

There is a certain freedom you feel when you finally stretch open your arms and let go.

It could be a relationship that you know is not letting you be the best you can be.

It could be a past hurt or wound that simply refuses to heal.

It could be a concern over your future and that nagging little voice telling you that the path you are on is going to go nowhere real fast.

Whatever it is. Let it go.

Let it go to free up your mind and your heart to possibilities that are there for you but

somehow hidden behind all your efforts in holding on.

Set free your worries about tomorrow and what it may be like. It seems that it is always much worse in our minds

than what actually will happen.

When you let go, you free yourself to feeling happy again, to dreaming again and there is room to grow in your head and your heart.

When you truly let you, you free more than just that one thing that you have been holding onto so tight,

you free yourself.

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