The Artist’s quest

I can’t even remember how I came to this realization. It’s been a constant in my life for so long. I would call myself an artist but that seems trite. I love art, always have and probably always will.

It did not matter what type of art, I am easily moved by a painting, a drawing, some words on paper even a part of a movie or lyrics to a song. I am drawn to it like some magnetic force that pulls me in and overcome me. I gauge how wonderful I think a piece of art is by my own emotional response to it. I take pictures of babies and certain photos I do, if it give me chills or goosebumps at least to me I know I did right by my interpretation of that subject. I was able to capture an emotion, I could see all sorts of things through just one picture. 

I know I did it right because when a parent sees the image and has tears falling down their cheek, I know I did it right.

It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I used to write poetry in a blog and I would on any given day open up my poetry writing to my audience.

I played a game with them called, “Off the Cuff” Poetry Challenge.

I would have people post a comment about something, anything really that they wanted me to write a poem about.

All they had to do was offer a word, a phrase, or even just a photo.

I would take whatever was offered to me and write a poem and post it immediately as my response.

I was writing poetry off the cuff.

People were amazed at what I could do.  I had so many people tell me that I hit the nail right on in how I worded this piece of prose based on their suggestions.

I had a voice and had found my audience. Lots of times I would write about life experiences that universally are common, maybe not to each and every person but a lot of them.

I remember writing a poem for someone about miscarriage. I had never had one myself but I tackled that subject and dug deep inside, imagining what I might feel if that had happened to me. Then I started writing.  She thanked me for writing this piece called “Nest without an egg” and told me that I captured what she was feeling.

As someone who has truly enjoyed photography since I was a teenager, I love to capture images or as many photographers call it, “A moment frozen in time” As I started to take my photography more seriously many years ago I found myself searching for that picture, that story within my subject. For the most part when I take a picture of a flower, it usually is not just a flower I am shooting, I happen to see a story inside that little black box inside my viewfinder. My definition of Fine Art Photography is seeing more than the subject in front of the camera, it is seeing a story within that frame.

bricadena029 (WinCE)

This is more than just a picture of a couple of  flowers with a nice slate blue background.

I see these two flowers in a relationship with one another. One seems to be reaching out to the other. However the other flower seems oblivious to the efforts of the flower on the right. I call this Unrequited Love.  Isn’t that a universal concept or idea in human relationships? Haven’t we all had feelings for someone who did not share those same feelings for us?

I like to see things other people may not notice offhand and that what comes across in much of the art I create.

The size of the flowers are quite small. I don’t even know what kind of flower it is. flowers0019BRI (WinCE)

This is one of the flowers nestled into my daughter’s hand. I took this picture in 2007, so that makes my daughter’s little hand the size of a 7 year old at the time of this photo.

It does not always happen this way, where I shoot an image and some idea or concept or even a story comes to mind but it does happen often enough that I realize what my eyes see inside that viewfinder is my voice of the subject  matter I am using to say something. It  is what I have to say.

Now I draw and paint and again, I see myself drawn to express something emotional, a life experience. I suppose this means that I have something to say.

The quest for me is to find the audience who want to receive my message.

If what you have to say is from your deepest feelings, you’ll find an audience that responds.

(Irwin Greenberg)

Art and the appreciation of art is very subjective. I fully realize that not everyone will get my art. Not everyone will even like my art. As much as I love art, I do have my favorites and then there are some that eh, not so much.

The art I most enjoy creating is about life.

Every facet of life, the joyous and the painful, the happy and the sad and everything in between.

Here is a poem I wrote way back when that seems to match what I have to say about life.

It’s more of a question to ponder.

How will your story end?

In life there is a death. After hello’s there are goodbyes. What happens in between? How will your story end?

What will they say about the life that you have lived? What will they remember, those who you loved?
When your name dances off their tongue? Will the memories be of joy or of sadness? Will they think of hope or complete madness?

What legacy will you leave your family and  friends?

Every minute counts and all the times you spend, loving instead of hating, living and learning, laughing instead of crying, giving instead of taking.

All that is in between that first hello and last goodbye is what will matter the  most in the end.

So how is it gonna be for you? Tell me this.

How will your story end?


I think my story involves what I want to say to the world and the audience who wants to receive this message.

So, that is my quest, what I am searching for, the audience who wants to receive my message. It can be through a painting, a drawing or the images I capture with my camera or even the words I write.

There is something I want to say.

If you enjoy or like the art I create, you can see more at

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Until next time.

All creative work  within this blog is the original work of Brigitte Cadena – Bricadena.

Copyrighted to Brigitte Cadena – Bricadena and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.


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