Artwalker’s DELIGHT! My experience as an Artwalker

It goes without saying, The monthly Artwalk is a great avenue for connecting artists with the public and vise versa. I am a local artist here in Corpus Christi. I have been working as a photographer for a few years now and have become very involved in our city’s monthly event we call Artwalk.

Much of my time has been spent showcasing my artwork over at the House of Rock where several other artists are interconnected through a group we call Coastal Bend Artists..

Well, this past Aartwalk that occurred last Friday, September 30th,  I decided to change things up for myself. I really wanted to branch out and experience this event as an Artwalker.  So I took my camera wanting to document what I saw and let me tell you, I wish I took much more pictures because it was so much fun.  I easily was distracted by the bustle and hustle of the downtown activities. Let’s just say I got so busy enjoying my time there, I almost forgot my original purpose of going as an ArtWALKER.

Because I have been working on the other side, as an artist, I just had no idea all that was happening around me so this was a great experience for me to see what others were seeing.

I got my little map and I set off on my journey to see the festivities,

You can download a copy of this map HERE.

I had several places I KNEW I wanted to check out: Jimmy Willden was performing at the Urban Fare Cafe. I wanted to check out various art venues and see what was going on, so off I went in search of great art music and fun.

The first place I started was near the Water Street Market, The Tree House Collective.

It has a beautiful layout and art all over the walls, I had the pleasure of talking with one of the artists there,  she creates stained glass art and I was so impressed. I know I will have to go back and spend a lot more time checking the art out.

Here is a link to their website for more info on them. Just go HERE.

Right outside there was a band playing in the center and I was excited to see live music outside.

I started walking and right behind Coffee Waves, a new and upcoming cafe there was live painting by Lantz Minatez.

Lantz at work with his creation.

Check out his new FB page Here .  Here is a link to his online gallery

As I was making my way to Urban Fare Cafe, I bumped into Augustine Garcia, sitting outside of Threads.

This is a great new shop that not only offers vintage clothing for men and woman, but on the weekends, Threads holds regular shows awith live music and art shows.  I recently participated in an artshow the was jam packed full of artists and live music. Check them out!

This is where I met Augustine. We talked for a bit and he was showcasing his girlfriends vintage jewelry -LOCK & THISTLE.  You can see more jewelry Here.

Right next door is Urban Fare Cafe on Williams Street.

If you haven’t been there, YOU NEED to. My current favorites are the Chicken Pesto Sandwich & Pita chips and their Thai Curry Rice Bowl and I could go on and on about their cheescake.  All I can say it that it is DIVINE.

Uban Fare Cafe not only serves great food and offers a great atmosphere, his walls are adorned with awesome art by local artists available for sale. I will let you in on something…I have a piece hanging there as well. Go have a bite to eat, enjoy the atmosphere, TRY their bite-sized cheesecakes desserts! Check out their page HERE

It was packed full of people and the music of Jimmy Willden resonated throughout. It was actually my first time listening to him and it was a highlight of my artwalk. Be on the lookout for this guy, He is definitely going somewhere with this. Find out more about him HERE 

After I enjoyed some great music, I was anxious to see what was going on at La Retama park.

Well on my way over there as I was crossing Schatzel street, there was music that was getting louder and louder as I got nearer. I looked to my right to see a band playing outside and it just drew me in. I had to go check it out.

People were crowded around the band playing and across the street. I didn’t know who the band was at that moment but I saw a sign saying GRAND OPENING.  GoGo Vintage Resale

I came back later to get a closer look and it’s this cool vintage store that just opened up downtown with a cool vibe going on. People were lining up to go in and it was like a big party all over. I realized it belonged to my new friend Natalie Lara who I also met at the Threads art show I was in a few weeks ago.  She told me later on  the bands that were playing that night were called, Los Sanchos, her own band, Ick vulnik and Space Fuzz.

Well I started back off to Retama Park. There was a lot to do and see and hear! Downtown Corpus Christi               was full of life!

This is the main central point of Artwalk. There are arts and crafts and activities for everyone to enjoy.

I saw my good friend Laurette Escobar from the Coastal Bend Artists with a table sponsored by the House of Rock, She was there selling her cute masks and next to her was Al Molina  another extremely talented artist who shows regularly at the House of Rock with other Coastal Bend Artists.

This is where you can see the Coastal Bend Artist’s page, just go Here

This is Al, seeling prints of his work to Artwalker’s. Go see his awesome paintings!

After I visited with them a bit, I walked around some more and saw this guy painting. He is from Tipsy Canvas, his name is Anthony Deleon and we had a great conversation about art and how much Artwalk has grown. This is a painting where he gets other people involved, each person paints a part and at the end of the evening, someone is lucky enough to win this great piece.

The Tipsy Canvas site is HERE

On the other side of the park is the pick up and drop off of the Tram that takes people en route to other venues in the area with events that are happening.

There is HOBO singing along on the Tram. Wherever the Tram takes you, they are there to entertain you.

I headed off to Starr street when I walked into Flannagan’s.  I saw Carlos Garcia  doing some live painting, yet another very talented artist.

There was so much more that I had not gotten to see, as the sun was setting I set out back to Retama park to check out the movie that night, there were kids playing hula hoops, people were all over and I just know NEXT Month is going to just as fun if not more! I truly enjoyed my time as an artwalker. I know you will to, so check your calendars and plan to come downtown to our fun filled weekend of art-music and fun!

To find out more about our monthly weekend event please go to the Artwalkcc website. There is a lot more to come!

This blog is brought to you by Bricadena Art . Check out my art page and “LIKE” it for more info on ART in the City!

Brigitte Cadena



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