Why I love Art and Artwalk Corpus Christi

I still remember as a young girl writing poetry when I was still in eighth grade. It was a way for my to express myself. I don’t remember as much taking art classes, except I do remember making a little vase and then using the inside of a cardboard with it’s ridges and making a patterned print that looked like a checkerboard.

In high school, because I loved to write I took a couple of journalism classes. It was fun, challenging and exciting to be involved in the school newspaper. My photography class was amazing and so much fun. I loved having a way to express my thoughts and ideas in a way other than speaking out.

When I was nineteen, I moved to Chicago and lived there for several years. What I loved about being in this great city was the culture it offered from the music festivals to the Art museum and the bustle of a big city.

That is what I miss the most about living there. I remember living in an up and coming neighborhood that occupied a lot of artists in the south side. It was an August afternoon and I went to the neigborhood’s “Artist’s Open House”.

It was a yearly event where the artist’s who lived in the community would open up their doors and let you walk freely into their homes (their studios) and check out their work. These were older buildings that were rich in detail and artistic flair. It has been said that the artists move into a (lower income neighborhood), they jazz up their place with their creativity and then the property values would rise and everyone would follow.

I was selling real estate for a short while later and that area was a hot place, everyone wanted a piece of it.

Now, it is a thriving and wonderful place to live and hang out.

I was talking with Alan Albin, a contact for the artwalk when I went to deliver my art piece for the September art prize draw. I told him him that Artwalk reminds me of my time in Chicago when I could breathe in all the culture and diversity of the city.  I even said, “Why I didn’t take up drawing back then when I lived there is beyond me”.

Like I mentioned, I loved to write and I loved to take photographs. I never considered myself an artist. I only started to draw in 2008 and realized that I wasn’t all that bad.

Back to Artwalk, when I see people walking around downtown Corpus Christi and I see new venues open up, I see life being breathed into our city.  Artwalk is an activity that you can participate with your friends and your family and it offers you a second set of eyes.

What I mean is as you go to the different venues where artists are sharing their work with you, you are given an opportunity to see life differently through someone else’s eyes. Look at the wide variety of art displayed by our local artists and you will take something back with you when you leave.

Art is important because it was one of the first forms of communication we had from 25,000 years ago. It was the carvings in the caves that gave future generations a glimpse of what was going on before them.

After a long day at work what are some things that relax you or help you unwind? Music? or a movie? Where did that come from if not for the creativity of artists? I support the Artwalk because to me it is something fun you can do with your friends, your family and your kids.

So come downtown this Friday, September 30th around 5:30 and enjoy all that the Artwalk has to offer.


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